The Æthelmearc
College of Bards

The Escarbuncle
Music and Lyrics by Maestra Giulietta da Venezia

A tiny band of armored men did face a mighty foe,
Their forces far outnumbered ours, our hopes were riding low,
When all at once a mighty prince stood forth to have his say,
His words inspiring to this day:

We are the escarbuncle, the boss on the shield
Though wood may splinter, we never shall yield
We shall stand, we shall fight, we shall never give way,
The escarbuncle holds the day!

In days of old, our kingdom young, they asked of us a thing,
"What fearsome totem will you choose to represent your king?
Your Queen? Your lands? Your sovereighty? What beast shall lead the way?"
Our voices rose as one to say:


Our Kingdom grew by leaps and bounds with every passing year,
With rapier, with sword and axe, with arrows striking fear
In to the hearts of foemen when the red and gold they spy,
Forever fear our battlecry:


A mighty Kingdom we've become with warriors brave and bold,
With artisans and those who proudly serve the red and gold
Our people, even those who must for foreign shores depart
Bear the escarbuncle in their heart!


Copyright © Diana Slivinska 2006

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