The Æthelmearc
College of Bards

Escarbuncle Banner
Music and Lyrics by Master Michael Alewright

When escarbuncle banners fly above the battlefield
My arm is strong, my head is high and never will I yield.
Let Death come take me as he will, my brothers still will stand,
And none will do dishonor to our people or our land.

The red is for our lifeblood, the silver for our steel
The escarbuncle stands for all who live beneath its wheel

Who comes to us in friendship, you are a sacred guest.
Who comes to us with knowledge, pray put us to the test,
Who comes to us in force of arms, your welcome's just as deep:
For you, a little plot of land to hold you as you sleep.


Now let us march to make our mark upon this earthly world.
And let us look to Heaven as our banners are unfurled.
There's meat and drink awaiting all who live when day is done,
So let your valor and your blade reflect the rising sun.

Chorus (x2)

Copyright © Michael Greenstein

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