The Æthelmearc
College of Bards

Æthelmearc War March
Music and Lyrics by Master Michael Alewright

War again consumes our land
Gone to war, gone to war
We obey our King's command
Æthelmearc has gone to war

You who fear the battle's roar (Gone to war...)
Should have thought of that before (Æthelmearc...)

We will answer Glory's call (Gone to war...)
Heaven waits for those who fall (Æthelmearc...)

Never fear the death of men (Gone to war...)
God shall raise us up again (Æthelmearc...)

Now's the time for blood and gore (Gone to war...)
This is what you signed up for (Æthelmearc...)

Peasants plant and tradesmen sell (Gone to war...)
We march in the mouth of Hell (Æthelmearc...)

Let the Devil show his face (Gone to war...)
We will put him in his place (Æthelmearc...)

Foemen think they have the might (Gone to war...)
We will teach them how to fight (Æthelmearc...)

We have killed them by the score (Gone to war...)
Go back home and bring some more (Æthelmearc...)

Let the sun come beating down (Gone to war...)
It is shady underground (Æthelmearc...)

Babes and children all may sleep (Gone to war...)
Safely for the trust we keep (Æthelmearc...)

We won't leave the field of Mars (Gone to war...)
'Til the victory is ours (Æthelmearc...)

Now we face the foe at last (Gone to war...)
Now the time for song is passed (Æthelmearc...)

Copyright © Michael Greenstein 2001

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