The Æthelmearc
College of Bards

Æthelmearc, My Camelot
Lyrics by THL Gwendolyn the Graceful
Music: Douce Dame Jolie

Oh, Æthelmearc, my kingdom so fair
Your song is heard and your banner unfurled
Your borders rich with treasure more rare
Than any in the world.
In service to the Dream
My king and queen
Honored to be one among eighteen.
By fealty we are bound
To your renown
In loyalty and love for kingdom and crown.

Your ranks are filled with noblest of knights,
No Laurel circle compares to your own,
Your Pelicans look down from the heights;
Their works in you are shown.
Our fencers fierce and bold
Vow to uphold
Honor for the gleaming red and gold
Our archers aiming true
With shafts of yew
Win for Æthelmearc the glory she’s due.

Though Camelot has withered to dust,
If ever legend be proof of the Dream,
In Æthelmearc, its memory, we trust,
Will live anew and gleam.
As once proud Arthur’s knights
Dazzling in might
Gather’d to uphold the cause of right,
So let our song of birth
Ring out our worth
Living that the Dream might be known on earth.

Forever in our hearts shall we praise
The escarbuncle, the laurel, the crown
To you our songs of glory we raise
For you our shouts resound.
Sweet Æthelmearc, my home
Where’er I roam
Ever shall I call this land my own
Though someday we may part
Here in my heart
Is loyalty and love for dear Æthelmearc.

Copyright © Lee Hillman 1996

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